BIO - Missak HajiAvedikian


Missak HajiAvedikian was born 1983 in Beirut, Lebanon.

His father was a sewing machine engineer, while his mother is a dressmaker. He grew up to the sounds of sewing machines. Missak started taking hold of abandoned fabrics to create dresses for his sisters: he discovered his passion for fabrics, cuts, colors and decided to dedicate his life to it.

In 2005, Missak studied fashion design at Esmod Beirut and completed his degree with several awards.

The young fashion designer looked for inspiration abroad, and decided to travel to Milan, Paris, New York and Los Angeles. He discovered new places and new stories.


Shortly after his trip and feeling incredibly inspired, Missak was ready to start creating.


Missak draws his inspirations from his Armenian origins and from cinema screenplays; fairytales, theatre productions and auteur films also fascinate him. All of these combined, Missak constructs the ‘Ideal Beauty’ along with bits of his personal fetishes.


Missak’s first collection, "Fractures in Light" was based on a short movie by the artist Lena Yeretzian, dedicated to the famous film director Serguei Paradjanov.


In 2008, Missak was selected at Starch and presented his Ready-to-Wear collection: "Gorky, The Artist and his Mother", (inspired from the Armenian born American artist Arshile Gorky).


Following the"Trchun" (meaning ‘bird’ in Armenian) collection in the summer of 2009, Missak launched his new label as an independent designer at "Residence de Linda Sursock" on December 2009 with the collection: "The Boy with the fruit Basket".


Today, Missak hopes to launch his career internationally as well as create theatre and cinema costumes.



Armenia Street, Sardarabad Building, 2nd Floor., Bourj Hammoud, Beirut Lebanon

Tel: +9613098061